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Contour+2.  GPS, rotatable lens, laser leveling, super simple, super small.  $389 at

Locking Instant On-Record switch Still Photo Mode Video rotating lens wide-angle lens Laser alignment Mobile connectivity GPS Video Mapping Up t

NUC $400, 4"x4", Core i3 HD 4000 graphics, mSATA slot, 3 USB ports, one HDMI port.

Intel's Core NUC mini-boards set to hit market in October, power up hobbyists and OEMs

The ultimate toy for grown up Doctor Who fans - a Sonic Screwdriver that controls the TV. Get it ready for that Christmas special......and do more ideas for grown up Dr Who fans (find three or four more).

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Remote

I have a mighty need for this! Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Programmable TV Remote

Introducing Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 Digital Camera BigVALUEInc 8PC Saver Bundle. Great Product and follow us to get more updates!

Fujifilm FinePix Read Digital Camera - take stills and movies, watch them on back screen in without glasses!

USB Super 16 Port Hub!  I showed this to Eddie and he called me a dork, I told him I call it being baller! lol

Never have to choose which gadget gets the juice Giant USB Hub with 16 ports Connect up to 2 PCs to the same hub

Pineapple corer and slicer // Awesome...

Core and slice fresh pineapples quickly and easily with this serrated corkscrew-like tool. Just snap on handle, insert into pineapple, and twist. The results of your simple effort: one perfect spiral of sweet pineapple, complete with healthy juices!

Olympus XA2 XA 2 Compact Rangefinder Camera Red

Olympus XA2 XA 2 Compact Rangefinder Camera Red + A11 Flash Unit

Olympus XA2 XA 2 Compact Rangefinder Camera Red

Action waterproof video camera

Ion Air Pro Compatible with iPod/iPhone/iPad/Android Devices The new ION AIR PRO, from ION Worldwide, is one of the first Smart Phone compatible action cameras

Agfa Optima Sensor

Agfa Optima Sensor

Nike Fuel Band. Android app coming soon, or you can use the Nike website, so everyone who doesn't have an iPhone/iPod (me included) can finally use one too!

Nike+ FuelBand review

Nike+ FuelBand - wristband that uses a tri-axis accelerometer to keep track of the steps you’re taking, the calories you’re burning, and most importantly, how much NikeFuel you’re accumulating.

Yashica Mat 124G by Marco™ [since '987], via Flickr

Yashica Mat This is called a TLR - twin lens reflex - camera. You look down through the top and out through the top lens. The image is produced through the second, lower, lens.

Twig: Most innovative iPhone docking cable ever? | iPhone Atlas - CNET Reviews

Twig: Most innovative iPhone docking cable ever?

#Lytro Lightfield camera shows a sleek and simply design, and a osom concept and vision. Unfortunately execution is pretty ofool

The Lytro is a new breed of camera that is able to capture the entire light field, using all the light traveling in every direction in every point in space. Unlike a conventional camera that captures a single plane of light