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Joffery baratheon

Magali Villeneuve Portfolio: A Game of Thrones LCG : Joffrey Baratheon . Joffrey Baratheon is loosely based on Richard II

Robert and Joffrey Baratheon - naming the heir by r-chie

My work for Game of Throne card game. Martin FFG Game of Throne Naming the Heir

The Bear Pit - Jaime saves Brienne from the bear at Harrenhall. Art by Marc Simonetti.

A Song of Ice & Fire - Game of Thrones - Art - Jaime Lannister & Brienne of Tarth in the Bear Pit at Harrenhal


Theories of Ice and Fire - Targling Edition

Tyrion Lannister A Game of Thrones: The Card Game © 2013 Fantasy Flight Games

Margaery Tyrell of Highgarden #GoT Thrice Married Twice Widowed #HouseTyrell "Wherever she went, the smallfolk fawned on her, and Lady Margaery did all she could to fan their ardor. She was forever giving alms to beggars, buying hot pies off bakers’ carts, and reining up to speak to common tradesmen."

Trading Kittens for Coitus The Adaptation of Margaery and Tommen in Game of ThronesSo, in the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, “High Sparrow”, Margaery and Tommen had sex.

Melissandre & Davos

The Illustration Master Class Produces New Art for Game of Thrones, Neil Gaiman…

Play Darts with King Joffrey is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Epic Ideas for Your Next Game of Thrones Party

Epic Ideas for Your Next Game of Thrones Party

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