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"If you give a man a wookiee, he's going to ask for a fast spaceship. When you give him the spaceship, he'll probably ask you for an astromech droid to help with repairs. Once you've reached light speed, he'll ask you for an Alderaan princess.

Darth Father

Darth Father

into the garbage chute, flyboy... - (star wars)(a new hope)(trash)(princess leia)(luke skywalker)

Into the garbage chute, flyboy. - (Star Wars)(a new hope)(trash)(princess leia)(luke skywalker)

Samurai Star Wars: The Princess

SAMURAI STAR WARS Created by Michael Rogers All designs available as prints at etsy. (via geek-art) Source tiefighters

Star Wars - Leia Organa by Lucas Abl

Lucas Abl created this wonderful set of minimalist images based on the iconic characters of the Star Wars universe with Leia, Han, Vader and many more.

Star Wars marvel characters

Similarities between the Avengers and Star Wars characters! Nick Fury/Mace Windu made me laugh.

harrison ford star wars | Harrison Ford ‘Battered, But Okay’, Son Tweets After Plane Crashes

Harrison Ford as Han Solo in ‘Star Wars’. This was probably my first cinematic crush.

Leia Organa as a Child by Benoît Dromby

"Besides receiving palace education, Leia Organa attended the Alderaan Select Academy for Young Ladies under the tutelage of the strict Madame Vesta." - Wookieepedia Leia by Drombyb

Star Wars | Character | Leía

Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back - Princess Leia Organa - Large Blaster - Carrie Fisher - gun