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Chocolate brown pitbull

For a lack of knowledge or information, some people say that Pit Bulls are dangerous, aggressive and they often attack people and even their.Pit bulls are beautiful Dogs

Those eyes beautiful

Those eyes beautiful.please Don't judge or trash one breed so bad that nobody would want them at all once you go pit you won't never quit I will always be animal lover I will never be animal hater or abuser at all I will always be voice for voiceless

American Staffordshire Terrier // Ibero River | pedigreedatabase.com

A stunning American Staffordshire Terrier, which is basically the "show" version of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Pit Bull puppy cuteness

Pit Bull puppy cuteness << stop cropping the ears! It's not necessary and is not fair to the dog!

American Bully bolso extrema Pitbull azul Amichetti Gottyline

Pedigree Petclube American bully Pocket bully Extreme BullyF 11 993868744 horário Comerical IPC Registry certification Offical Pedigree B.


I'd adopt this stunning albino pit bull in a heart beat! Portraits of Absolutely Adorable Albino Animals!