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The night  #pagan#wicca

Blessed are we who live in the night guided by the moon use the stars as our light

Burning Bowl

Magick Spells: Burning Bowl self love self care self improvement mindful meditate happy happiness healing emotions spiritual spirituality

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The real "witching hour"? Interesting perspective, my perspective is that certain spells may benefit from this timing.


This is actually one of those commercial "Halloween" items but I love it because it's all of us all year long.

Every witch needs their own familiar....even if "he doesn't look a fucking thing like Nathan" @Julie Paul, hahahahaha

Every witch needs their own familiar.even if "he doesn't look a fucking thing like Nathan" Paul, hahahahaha

But thanks for asking ;) #wicca #witches #misconceptions                                                    Love this : )

fuckyeahpaganism: I may worship Satan and I’m also going to hell.


Crone Wisdom, I speak, feel, and think as a crone, blessed be to you all


Blessed Be (silverwitch)

"I walk the path of the Ancient Ones. Nature is my church" by White Magick Alchemy

And I'm proud of who I am

There is no evil in Paganism, Wicca or Witchcraft. We are Healers of the Earth keepers of Ancient knowledge. We will not hide, we will stand tall and educate those who judge us based on ignorance. We are Witches, Pagans, and Wiccans!