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My mom had this.

A short history of Maybelline and mascara: Tom Lyle created an eyelash cream and began mail order marketing it in 1916 as a beautifier, using the name Lash-Brow-Ine. Frankly it was a load of horseshit and contained nothing

<b>From the early 1900s to mid-1950s, mascara didn't come in a tube — it came in a cute little box with a big brush.</b> I can't imagine how you'd put it on without making a big mess.

9 Photos Of What Mascara Used To Look Like

Vintage Maybelline Mascara from the " Will not smart eyes.

Avon "A Certain Look" "BlushPetite" Powder Blush Compact, c.1970

Avon "A Certain Look" "BlushPetite" Powder Blush Compact,

utenaについて|化粧品のウテナ バニシングクリーム(昭和2年)

utenaについて|化粧品のウテナ バニシングクリーム(昭和2年)