Everyone needs a friend who tells them the truth.

A true friend tells you what you need to hear People never really want the truth though or maybe I've never had true friends?


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I love this because if you look at the two girls the shape of their heads and their braid looks like a heart and I love all my friends like sisters.

I got these from my "best friend" 's... Our friendship only lasted two and a half years.. but she wanted to be with other people.. I'm basically alone now.. BUT I STAY HAPPY :'D (well, I try anyway ;P)

if a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, psychologists say it will last a lifetime. --> to my friends whom I know for more than 7 years

Love my friends ❤❤

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Best friends are the fairytale of life. they've been there since once upon a time and will stay there until happily ever after.

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Friends: They make you laugh a little louder, smile a little brighter, and live a little better than before

I don't have ANY ugly friends. Only a ugly bitch with a ugly heart would think different.

My best friends are beautiful love you guys! >> so true!>> my best friend is more than beautiful!