Omg I miss Lexi so much

Elena Lexi :) Season 1 116 Candles thanks Jayson Jayson McClean for…

i love him and her, but she doesnt deserve the love he can give her

Every piece of jewelry Stefan gives to Elena Damon re-gifts until it becomes a Delena thing (like the necklace and ring). Just sayinggg :)

Lexi ♥ The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Lexi & Stefan


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#TVD 6x11 "Woke Up With a Monster" - Elena and Kai. Thats how Damon described Amara.

"Woke Up With a Monster" - Elena and Kai. Thats how Damon described Amara.

#tvd #damon #elena

Damon is my favorite psychopath!

Klaus and Caroline . . . Hair Soulmates LOOOL

Klaus and Caroline-Hair Soulmates

My favourite character

Gefällt 7,887 Mal, 118 Kommentare - The Vampire Diaries (@vdscene) auf Instagram: „[2x06] ic: itstvdscene — lmfao awkward I miss Jenna! Q: Did you like Jenna?“

The Vampire Diaries — lmfao awkward. I miss Jenna!

TVD - The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries,The Originals Elena,Caroline,Bonnie & Rebekah "[Broken]" "[Abused]" "[Shattered]" "[Deceived]"

TVD- Damon and Rose

The Vampire Diaries Rose & Damon


How to explain Damon Salvatore?

The Vampire Diaries- this is my favorite line out of all of the episodes I've seen! The way he says it, its perfect!

"No Elena I will not go in your bedroom with you" Funny Damon Salvatore quote

The Vampire Diaries TVD 6x13 - Kai, Damon and Elena

I effing loved Kai and this was my favorite scene from him! The Vampire Diaries TVD - Kai, Damon and Elena