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Unusual coloration

dalmation discus - a discus would never have this pattern! omg this is definitley photoshopped. discus can have cool patterns but more similar to a zebra if you want to compare it to another animal. they have a striped pattern or no pattern at all.


A hot pink starfish found on a SW Florida beach. Apparently, starfish can be the most amazingly intense colours but they fade quite rapidly when they get washed up. This one can't have been out of the sea for long then!

...proud to be Bahamian

You look so happy there little guy. Coral can’t live without parrotfish! These GORGEOUS fish help keep Caribbean coral reefs growing by grazing on algae that can smother them.

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Red Sea, Egypt with a sea anemone and clown fish in symbiosis.One of many i saw on my diving there.


Coral is included in this phylum. The coral is a habitat for many creatures in the sea. Coral is endanger because of divers and fishermen. The chemicals and dirt on a human's hand cold kill the coral

My color is made to blend with anything, so you can't see me!

beauty - Blue Moray Eel - (Anguilliformes) Most eels are predators. The term "eel" is also used for some other similarly shaped fish, such as electric eels and spiny eels, but these are not members of the Anguilliformes order.

Great googily moogily! Look at those eyes... Goldfish

The Bubble Eye is a small variety of fancy goldfish with upward pointing eyes that are accompanied by two large fluid-filled sacs. An aquarium fish.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia. // Suppresso contains only the best, most…                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

The Great Coral Reef

Diving on the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia on the bucket list