Simple steps to make your house a home. Gorgeous Porcelain from MB Art Studio #art #decor #patterns

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Water Works

Ceramica de Maria Moyer platelets, unglazed porcelain and blue wash. My kitchen needs this!

The deep blue glaze on these handmade dishes is a little mesmerizing, don't you think? These are crafted by hand, with a handmade price. I would buy just one or two and use them as serving dishes for ripe tomatoes, glazed peach cake, or roasted summer vegetables.

Modern Deep Blue Dinner Plates from MB Art Studios

porcelain large dish modern deep blue by MB Art Studios // Renegade Craft Fair Austin Summer 2014 SXSW Edition

こんにちは。 今日は源右衛門窯が新しく取り組んだプロジェクトについてご紹介したいと思います。  百貨店の西武・そごうさんが、世界で活躍するデザインオフィス...

Beautiful - karakusa-play & ume-play collections by nendo for gen-emon porcelain kiln - designboom

This glaze looks pretty cool and possible to do. Maybe put a thin line of wax resist under the outside line so it really pools relatively evenly. If the glaze is heavy enough then it should melt over the line and that would look even more awesome.

Ceramic cups by taobao - I love these! The beauty of them, the simplicity, the dual textures in your hand, the illusion of movement the drops create, the gentle earth tone colors. Of course they are by a Japanese artist. What is this glaze?

Misa Tanaka heeft bij het maken van deze tweezijdige bekers gebruik gemaakt van glas en porselein. Zonde om uit te drinken.

By fusing of porcelain and glass, Misa Tanaka has created some vessels called, Shizukana Sora (Quiet Sky), taking second place in this years Takaoka Crafts Competition in Japan. Shizukana Sora by Misa Tanaka, Second Prize at Takaoka Crafts Competition

Colored Ceramic Spoon #Croscill

Ceramics - Everyday objects project: Hand-pinched ceramic spoon from Brooklyn artist Suzanne Sullivan. across top, in length

Goodness these are sweet. By The Magic Onions. DIY sweet plates.

A plate use a sharpie ,draw on the mini plates from dollar store work (Bake a Plate)

AUTUMN GREY | the style files

Golden Biscotti - plates porcelain gray set - on ETSY

Textured outside. Shiny white. Dots inside using brush on glaze over shiny white.

¿Qué es el puntillismo? ¡Conoce la técnica !

Love the pointillism style on these bowls! Easy to create with the round end of a paintbrush. paint your own pottery idea

Ceramics by Ayesha Aggarwal

Botanical Ceramics by Ayesha Aggarwal

My latest ceramic crush: beautiful, botanical pieces by Ayesha Aggarwal. Plates, vased, bowls and more, adorned with hand-painted botanicals.

éric hibelot & jean-marc fondimare

Éric Hibelot & Jean-Marc Fondimare are French ceramic designers that together are, l’atelier des garçons…