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It happens, bro, it happens...

Not to mention it was in the middle of the night and I didn't sleep for 30 and a half hours straight cause I had class the next day.the things we do for our faves right


Me to everyone who insults Kpop XD --- except I would put hajima

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Part of why BTS is so amazing. And let's not forget how when jungkook was feeling awkward and wanted to go with them but they started nagging him and saying that he had to make friends. They are still nagging him to make friends.

Yas, so true

only in kpop world so true Maknae is the youngest person in a group, for those who do not know what it is


International kpop fan problems ~~~~~~~~ Receive Kpop merchandise every…

that's so cute tbh but jin's face looks like he's holding back the salt  pinterest :  @xoxlola

The cutest family alive but like you they really do call Jin mom and call Namjoon dad sometimes

Haha I this ain't me-

basically me with Korean! Especially when I'm watching Jonghyun video posts on insta. I get so excited when I understand what he's saying and think "yeah, I can totally live in Korea now". Totally me!

Wtf  you've got to be kidding me...that's why I stan them!

😂😂 I didn't notice until I read the text - BTS ~ DarksideAnime

This is me everyday because bangtan ruined my life #bts

Jungkook’s face (they should make an emoji of this face) Basically me everyday