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The last one seems legitimate

The last one seems legitimate

Harry Potter Characters: In the Books vs In the Films - 9GAG

Harry Potter Characters: In the Books vs In the Films

Harry Potter Characters: In the Books vs In the Films. Some are spot on, some are a little off but still great <<— I agree! Also, they tried with Daniel and the coloured contacts but he was allergic to them so they decided against using them again.

*bickering* Hans vs Elsa  Slytherin vs Ravenclaw

harry potter and disney crossover- slytherin vs ravenclaw quidditch match (probably also a vicious Hans vs.

2 marauders and lily by muimuic.deviantart.com

Everyone was surprised when Lily and James got together not because Lily hated him but because they thought James and Sirius would get married first.

Villian Affirmations - Imgur

Villian Affirmations

10 Villain Affirmation Posters To Help You Get Through The Day (Blasphemy! Snape was not a villain!


Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George and Ron Weasley.I like the one random ginger they added for Charlie.


One of my favorite Luna scenes in Order of the Phoenix! Blatant Luna is life. Hermione's hair <<< I love luna and this is perfect!

Harry Potter: The Second Generation Top Row: James Potter, Victoire Weasley, Teddy Lupin, Dominique Weasley, Molly Weasley, Fred Weasley, Roxanne Weasley Bottom Row: Scorpius Malfoy, Albus Potter, Rose Weasley, Lorcan Scamander, Lysander Scamander, Louis Weasley, Lucy Weasley, Lily Potter, Hugo Weasley

Harry Potter: The Second Generation <-James Sirius Potter,Victorie Weasley( son of flaire and Percy),Tedy Lupin,Dominique Weasley,Moly weasley.


Harry Potter: DA Meeting Art Print by Tristyn Pease. The Swan belongs to Cho Chang, the Bunny to Luna, the Otter to Hermione and the Jack Russell Terrier to Ron.

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