Heart Drop

a heart-filled drop of water

Cherry heart

This would be fun, us in background, ring threaded through stems, sitting stone forward between both cherries.

I Like It Natural And Lovely...Always In The Country !... http://samissomarspace.wordpress.com

Heart bleed hearts in nature


The Prickly Pear, Texas

a pink prickly pear cactus heart!

Candy Bar: el corner más dulce de una boda

Candy Bar: el corner más dulce de una boda

Heart Shaped Lollipops for Valentine's Day

Lone Heart

Old, but gold: Foto

Heart shaped avocado pit

Using an Unripe Avocado : Recipes, Tips & Ideas

Lentamente, o passado deságua no presente, deixando pelas margens da saudade fragmentos do tempo e sentimentos. O tempo, efêmero diante do próprio tempo. Já os sentimentos, eternos aos olhos do coração!... (bruno de paula)

It's a bubble heart!

Hippies Europe

Country Brown - Tree Trunk Heart by Alvaro Hernandez Perez-Aradros

infinite-paradox:  ( Guard you heart )

Proverbs This could be my favorite verse to live by!" So true!

Two blue ice hearts

Two blue ice hearts

Iron work table

Iron Heart in Snow Photo Notecard In the Heart of Winter The image is 4 x printed on beautiful premium quality archival photographic paper

Cherries, Hearts, Maraschino Cherries, Cherry Fruit

Vamos a darnos indiscriminadamente a todo lo que sugieren nuestras pasiones, y siempre seremos felices...  La conciencia no es la voz de la naturaleza, sino sólo la voz de los prejuicios. - Marqués De Sade

cold red heart --black white with a pop of color