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seed pods of a snapdragon flower looks just like a string of human skulls - The World's Weirdest Flowers

The skull-shaped Snapdragon Flower Dragon(Antirrhinum majus) seed pod. The Antirrhinum, commonly known as the snapdragon has been a popular garden plant for many years. Also known as the dragon flower, its common name derives from the resemblance of the f

Opsistylis (don't know whether it's a species or hybrid, but it's gorgeous!)

Opsistylis by Missouri Botanical Garden Orchid Show This is probably one of the prettiest flowers I've ever seen!



Trichoglottis philippinensis

Trichoglottis philippinensis Trichoglottis philippinensis is a species of orchids (Orchidaceae) native to Asia, regarded as the finest taxon in the genus. This orchid is striking by its beautiful.

Catasetum Orchidglade - Hermaphroditic [Bi-sexual] flower

Male flower Intersex flower Intersex flower intersex flower I have had this plant of Catasetum Orchidglade for about twenty.

Orquídea Dracula lotax (309)

Orquídea Dracula lotax (309)

Orquídea abeja (Ophrys apifera) Somehow evolution feels this is the most fit appearance to attract this orchids specific insect to pollinate and procreate.

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