awareness #blm

awareness #blm

With a little variation, this is true for Native Americans and other minorities. In short Whites have devalued every other life out there. It really is time for that to end.

WE WHITE PEOPLE? Who are you talking about? I've never heard anyone in my white family, or my friends say anything of this. All Lives Matter moron. I don't judge all blacks by the racism shown by blm.

Thank you Sir

If you don't respond to 'Blue Lives Matter' with the catchphrase 'All Lives Matter' than you clearly understand the concept, you're just choosing to cast a blind eye to the institutionalized racism in our country.

Do your part to save the Bees. Not a meme but this is very important and this is my most popular board. SAVE THE BEES!

Bee Friendly Garden Guide

Bruh if bees disappear we'll die 4 years afterwards, i think we have bigger problems than coffee strawberries, and avocados

this is truly scary, and the worst part is that it's happening today (just reversed, of course)

For the men who still don't get it.By Carol Diehl. Athough Domination is never ok this is an illustration that may help put the perspective shoe on the other foot.