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Gneisenau was a German navy capital ship, alternatively described as a battleship or battlecruiser of Germany's Kriegsmarine.

July 1939 The German Gneisenau refule from the tanker Westewrald of the coast Madeira Islands, Portugal.

A beautiful -- and rare COLORISED* shot! of the British battleship HMS Erin, from 1916. She was a 27,500-ton dreadnought originally commissioned by the Ottoman Empire, building in a British shipyard. The battleship, originally to be named 'Reşadiye' for the Ottoman Navy, was renamed (after seizure by the Royal Navy) HMS Erin, and she joined the British Grand Fleet shortly before the British declaration of war against Germany on August 5, 1916.

British battleship HMS Erin in A fine colourised photo. The primary armament was ten in mm) Mark VI guns, arranged in five double turrets all on the centre-line of the ship.

HMCS Haida (G 63) of the Royal Canadian Navy - Canadian Destroyer of the WWII Tribal class.

HMCS Haida (G of the Royal Canadian Navy - Canadian Destroyer of the Tribal class - Allied Warships of WWII

Tirpitz was a large German battleship that saw service during World War II. A sister ship to Bismarck, Tirpitz largely saw duty in the North Atlantic and Norway. During the course of the war, the British made several efforts to sink Tirpitz and finally succeeded in late 1944.

World War II: German Battleship Tirpitz

15 in Tirpitz (sister of Bismarck) on trials in 1941 - many pictures on this…

Sorry for the horrible incidents this week and Thank you Canada (206 HQ Photos)

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HMS Repulse.

HMS Repulse.

HMS Royal Oak, Malta 1937.

Vintage photographs of battleships, battlecruisers and cruisers.: Battleship HMS Royal Oak departing the Grand Harbo.

Admiral Graf Spee - just lovely lines. Good movie..."battle of The River Plate"

Germany's Admiral Graf Spee, seen in the movie."Battle of the River Plate".

Battleship HMS Warspite entering the Grand Harbour of Valletta, Malta.

Colourised picture of 15 in Queen Elizabeth class battleship HMS Warspite entering the Grand Harbour at Valletta, Malta in by then looking very different to her guise , with single funnel and modernised 'box' bridge structure.