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So sweet. (KO) Every Kitty should have a Teddy bear to snuggie with at nap time. How else will she have sweet dreams?



I had to pin this on both my cat and my dog boards. This is so cute. <3

15 Cats On Top Of Dogs… Wish my cats & dog got along this well!

a friend posted this wee cat getting a bath, so i followed the link and there are many photos of this cat that i am IN LOVE WITH. what kind of kitten is this? please someone tell me!

It's so cute and fluffy! I want an exotic short hair/persian just lie snoopy

Freaking adorable !!!!!!

Sleepy little kitten using toilet paper as a pillow! Too cute.


Whatever happens don’t say Awww (32 Photos)

Cute newborn kitten sleeping in a lavender sweater -Sweet :+) Sleepy Kitty, Animal

OMG this cat is awesome,cute

OMG this cat is awesome,cute


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Peek-a-boo I see you! {I used to play peek-a-boo with my cat, I'd hold a tea towel up and down in front of him. He didn't like being hidden, so would pull the towel down with his paw. So cute!