Christina Ricci

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Pin for Later: Trendy Bangs For All Face Shapes and Hair Textures Christina Ricci While Christina Ricci's hair is styled stick-straight, her sideswept bangs have a touch of Farrah Fawcett flair.

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More Pics of Christina Ricci Long Wavy Cut with Bangs

Christina Ricci Hair

More Pics of Christina Ricci Long Straight Cut with Bangs

Christina Ricci-want my hair to be like this again. Blunt shoulder cut with blunt bangs, so easy to style and maintain.

.Everyone asks for this chicks hair. not sure how I feel about it.

chunk of blonde --- if I did a big blonde chunk, would that make me a little TOO Rogue obsessed?

The one and only.... Christina Grimmie!!!

Christina Grimmie I had that belt in opposite colors -A 😂😍💚💚💚

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Side Swept Bangs On Long Hair. A hair cut only becomes noticeable when it gives a new frame to your face. Side-swept bangs are a common but perfect way of adding a dimension your look.