MARTA WAKULA-MAC - Pink Magnolia etching

Saatchi Art: Pink Magnolia Printmaking by Marta Wakula-Mac

WILLIAM S. RICE American, (1873-1963)  Woodcut printed in colors, circa 1925-30, edition probably about 15. 10 x 7 3/4 in. Signed and titled...

✨ WILLIAM SELTZER RICE, American - Magnolia Bud, circa Woodcut printed in colors on thin Japanese paper, edition probably about Signed and titled in pencil, 10 x 7 in.

Magnolias, Magnolia Trees

Ehret magnolia mid 17th to mid 18th: golden age of scientific illustration > the artist complimented the scientific process

Magnolia by George Dionysius Ehret from his Plantae Selectae, published in One of the most talented artists of his era, at a time when the artist complimented the scientific process—this was the Golden Age of scientific illustration to centuries)

magnolia umbrella

Antique Nature Prints prints represent the pinnacle of the graphic process of etching, aquatinting, lithography and hand-coloring.

Magnolias screen print

This is one of several silkscreen prints I did my junior year of high school. I did silkscreen because of time pressures, though TBH I like the look of . Japanese Magnolias -old-