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Supernatural - Dean and Cas - It's still an accident.

It's accident

I hate the fact fans want Castiel and Dean to be together. Y'all know Castiel is an angle😇.

No..I don't cry by how accurate this is...you cry...shut up....(MA BAABIES)

Why did I name this damn board supernatural? It's just destiel, destiel, and guess what? Yeah, a little bit more destiel. And sometimes a bit of sabriel

How to say "I love you" by Dean Winchester

ah yes totally heterosexual. a total platonic relationship

I almost cried

Misha Collins on Larry King - inspiration of charity work.<----Oh gosh, i'm crying

Isn't the whole 'I pulled you out of Hell and gave up an army for you' not enough?<<Yeah, I mean if guy would give away Heaven and turn against he's whole family for me I'd maybe assume that he has a little crush on me

Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, Mark Pellegrino and Jared Padalecki! JARED is the tallest

Can Supernatural Make You Laugh?

Funny pictures about Being tall rules. Oh, and cool pics about Being tall rules. Also, Being tall rules.


destiel is canon. destiel is love. destiel is perfect.