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OMG his face was like "No ma'am, I'ma just shut up now." LMAO HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Remember when Jessi almost ruined Zico's career

Akmu is the best okay

Akmu is the best


that's IKON — bobbyship: ☺ 😟 😵 i see no difference

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Heechul please.at least he speaks the truth

"This makes me so happy. Zico knows whats up." ""funny not, but very sweet of him  :3"""Good Thing I Like Cake ;P" - Haha

I like cake. XD Zico is the best

And eating a lot is a qualification for being a good son in law??? OH HELL YEAH!!!!

And eating a lot is a qualification for being a good son in law? OH HELL YEAH!

From a tough cookie to... O.o I don't even know | Block B Zico

I'm literally into block B for and when I see this kinda stuff I'm already like this is probably zico and then I check and it is

Hahahaha popr Henry XD Meme Center | allkpop

Poor EXO (granted, if they were not the guests, they would have probably said the same thing).

jin jooheon - Szukaj w Google

Jin is secretly evil BTS

Fan subbed

The resemblance between my oppa and the annoying orange is uncanny

Hongbin, ready to take on life. Zico... doesn't know where he is. Lol

lol at zico tho! Hongbin looks like the perfect student and zico is like the bad-ass gangster!

Park Kyung biggest fear: WOO ZICO

5 minutes to chaos

Zico textpost

I'm so gonna do that

World Peace through Jin!

Jin is the messiah of world peace lol

Kpop memes (⌒▽⌒)   Bts, Got7, Block B, Big Bang and others. I love Bt… #sonstiges Sonstiges #amreading #books #wattpad

You also have Kyung, Zico. I don't want your damn cookies, I want Kyung.

Block B literally has zero fucks to give. That's why I love them :)

Big Bang, Super Junior, B.P - and then there's Block B.