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The most awesome images on the Internet

SHINee - GQ Magazine October Issue Um so this is not okay! I'm literally wanting to just put this above my bed

SHINee 샤이니_Tell Me What To Do #1and1

SHINee as the original five. Jonghyun is, and will be missed.

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Shinee will always be 5 members.the never lost one, they only gained an angel among the stars. Jonghyun-you did well Rest now

160922 #SHINee - GQ Korea October Issue.

160922 - GQ Korea Magazine October Issue << Death by eye contact.

SHINee - Ceci Magazine December Issue ‘14

SHINee has recently come together for a group pictorial in Ceci Magazine December issue. On November Ceci has released some of th.


“elle men hong kong september issue 2015 photography by kim cham ”

Ontae Trash

The end of one story is the beginning of another Kim Jonghyun & Minho SHINee

Любим тебя и будем помнить вечно

Rest In Peace Jonghyun of SHINee. This isn’t BTS or Svt but no one deserves to suffer the way he did. Suicide is never the last option please get help you have so much to live for

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Taemin looks like the son of mafia boss with his 2 dumb guards and 2 confused friends