Red Barn with summer flowers sunflowers in Pioneer Park Fairbanks Alaska Alaska Highway ALCAN Al-Can U S United States Stock Photo

wildflower yard - better than lawn !!!

Plant this away from house but in view. Forgotten Old Farm House & It's Flowers. The lady of the house was a true lover of the flowers.

Walking Meditation - "Be mindful of your walking, make each step a gesture, so that you move in a state of grace, and each footprint is an impression of the peace and love you feel for the universe. Walk with slow, small, deliberate, balanced, graceful foot steps." Charles MacInerney

Monet's Gardens at Giverny Monet's Gardens at Giverny. Pink cosmos and golden sunflowers tower above Fifi, the calico cat who resides in Monet's garden, as she strolls down a gravel path in the mist of dawn // photo by Elizabeth Murray c

came home from the grocery store with some of these beautiful flowers today...brightened my day!

sunflowers So pretty! Flower beds edging around the trees Sunflower Beautiful flowers

Beautiful Classic And Rustic Old Barns Inspirations No 37

45+Beautiful Classic and Rustic Old Barns Inspirations

Beautiful Classic And Rustic Old Barns Inspirations No 37