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"Cats are angels with whiskers." This little cutie looks more like a rascal with whiskers!

☆in de sneeuw

* * " A board certified swami? Noes,me don'ts wanna beez dat and don'ts even knows wut dat means.

Whitechin a clan cat that abandoned the clans in search of the tribe. He is now a member

Let’s all bow down to Aurora, the Queen of Cats.

A baby Pallas cat

What an awesome wild cat – a baby Palla . Not much bigger than our domestic cats – and is now endangered

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**CAT SNIP: Felix the Cat was first animated character to be subject of a marketing design.

I bet this is what Miles looked like when he was tiny... awww

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Miss photogenic! Adorable.

** " Noes, we allz haz to grow old. Once yoo startz frettin' 'bout de life yoo haz;

And Stretch !! #kittens #cats

And Stretch !! - 30th December 2015