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All hail Banksey

"Elusive graffiti artist Banksy has struck again, this time in the Holy Land in Bethlehem. Six new images, including a dove wearing a flak jacket and a soldier being frisked by a young girl.


love Banksy - Cardinal Sin stone bust of a priest with its face sawn off and replaced by blank “pixelated” bathroom tiles. It was created as a response to the child abuse scandal in the Catholic church and its subsequent cover-up)


Here's a fun idea! Banksy's famous street arts comes to live with GIF animations created by ABVH. The artist has worked on six of Banksy's artworks, each amusing in their own way.

Banksy off the streets

Has Banksy's real identity been discovered at last?

Banksy - Shop Till You Drop. Banksy vs Bristol Museum, This seems to be a statue!

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iCanvasART Banksy (Reproduction) Space Girl and Bird Canvas Art Print Poster Deep)

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“The bad artists imitate, the great artists steal – Picasso…” er, Banksy

Banksy art: "The bad artist imitate, the good artist steal" It is sooo true! The rest of his stuff is amazing too.