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Starsky & Hutch, I had this book!

The two-man trouble team, Starsky and Hutch, try to keep a big rat's daughter from getting caught in the crossfire.

Starsky Hutch Huggy Bear | STARSKY & HUTCH

Starsky and Hutch (usually written as Starsky Hutch) is a American cop thriller television seriesApril 1975 and May 1979 Starring David Soul Paul Michael Glaser Antonio Fargas Bernie Hamilton Richard Ward (pilot)

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Starsky & Hutch - Still one of my favorite cop shows from back in the day.

STARSKY AND HUTCH ~ Two streetwise cops bust criminals in their red-and-white Torino, with some help from their 'snitch,' named Huggy Bear. Starring: David Soul (Hutch), Michael Paul Glaser (Starsky), and Antonio Fargas (Huggy Bear).

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Starsky & Hutch was an American television series about two Californian policemen, Starsky played by Paul Michael Glaser and Hutch played by David Soul. Fans loved the gritty, often violent plotlines, comic banter, and particularly the close friendship th

Starsky & Hutch

Starsky and Hutch - Paul Michael Glaser & David Soul - loved them both (but loved Paul more!

Starsky and Hutch Main Theme

Starsky and Hutch Main Theme -- broadcast between April 1975 and May 1979 on the ABC network.