Kyungsoo the fashion queen

Omo :O hes yaaahh kyungsoo-ah you're so cute and funny

Sehuns fail fanservice | allkpop Meme Center

EXCUSE THE LANGUAGE - Sehun & Chanyeol. What makes this picture more hilarious is thef fact that hunnie is hiding behind squishy!

this angel....

(TOT) i was making whale sounds whilst reading this. You're such a ball of ugh! I wanna cuddle you.

Yixing as a pissed off  parent...   #Lay #Yixing #ExoFandom

kekeke i could imagine myself being a daughter of Lay~ keke it would be hilarious~ keke i could just laugh at myself being nagged by Lay oppa from time to time~

Lol I almost died When I furt SAW This

Big Byung - Stress Come On (Suho Remix) allkpop Meme Center < this is so funny hahaha

Image de exo, tao, and baekhyun

Pretty much Baekhyun interacting with all other EXO members during Showtime boiled down to something like this. I really miss Tao.

Channie, stop trolling<3 #exo #chanyeol #kpop

Chanyeol being evil XD I think you should stop talking to Soo XD /le runs*/

Why is DO looking at Baek this way in the last pic? Did he have to do something with this?

but is really funny, i definetly believe them about losing a member all the time XD poor Baekhyun