Purple Lilac Lavender Hair Pastel Bright Color 😍😍😍 love this color, but with a dark root

Colours of the Rainbow

when i see all these cute hair styles it always makes me jealous i wish i could do something like that I absolutely love this hair style so pretty!

So I've gotten some questions about what color I've used to dye my hair blue, and I used lagoon blue by…


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I love different hair colors like this! Being original is so boring. (:

Best Girly Pink and Purple Hair Dye

Purple hair is fun and interesting. Discover how to dye hair purple and stand out from the crowd with this vibrant color.

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Vibrant Purple Daily Conditioner

Amethyst right up your alley? Use our Daily Conditioner whenever you shampoo! The Daily Conditioner gently deposits color to replenish what washing your hair removes. Enjoy your color looking fresh ev

purple ombre hair

Dark to Light Purple Ombre Hair Color //. Did you know that most dudes won't even actually notice your clothing.