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Team Leaders (Pokemon GO)- And the way they think XD...Blanche FTW. Go Babe :3

Team Leaders (Pokemon GO)

Team Leaders (Pokemon GO) <<<< Spark is so much like me XD "smad" is something I would def say

Denmark no- Oh.  Nevermind that isn't him. This still is funny tbh

Pokemon GO team leaders.

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Pokemon GO comic 3

Spark please....

Spark please....

Nice Spark😅 You will get A in maths (tbh I hate maths especially addmaths)

This is sad, but also so adorable and sweet. He found a home after all. Not sure how to feel, but it's bitter sweet with a bit more sweet?

Okay, well I didn't need this today. You know dispite not being a fan of pokemon, I find that I wind up saving a lot of their pins due to either being hilarious or heartbreaking.

Oh damn, Shut her down like a fairy to a dragon!

"Pokémon" - Jessie and James.

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Pokemon Go; Blanche X Spark Shipping

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I still don't understand why I'm on Team Mystic XD (I'm too weird and I should be on Instinct XD)

i need help

No but he's got another Pokemon stuck on his face XD

pokemon go comic 1

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