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Loki didn't want magazines, he wanted a pool <-- I never wanted the throne! All I ever wanted was to swim in your pool!<<  THIS

Loki didn't want magazines, he wanted a pool <-- I never wanted the throne!<< I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened with a glorious pool!

Loki - Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston (Loki did his supersonic whining thing so apparently he likes it.

Can you do accents?

How much of a Tom Hiddleston are you?

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That expression just destroys me. So much regret in his realization.

You can see the old Loki briefly break through and see the mess he's made.and he's terrified gif << He finally fully realized what he has done.

Твои мужики

Tom Hiddleston "Loki" Loki's coronation in Thor : The Dark World (deleted scene) Watch it! There isn't enough Loki love nowadays.

Thor & Loki

Thor never actually threw Loki into an abyss, he tried to save Loki and reason with Loki, it was Loki himself who let go of Thor and threw himself into the abyss.still makes me cry though , when it happens and when he mentions it in avengers.

people really know what we're going through

He looks so sick here :( I know that it's exhaustion from being tormented day and night by the Chitari. Then intense space travel for who knows how far?