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jesseharding: thepinesaredancing: Distant peaks emerge from the clouds over the Harding Icefield, in Alaska’s Kenai Fjords National Park. My dad took me to Harding Icefield when I was little.

#geluksmoment: Een prachtig vergezicht als je onderweg bent - Je komt uit een tunnel of gaat een hoek om en ziet het opeens. Een prachtig uitzicht die je normaliter direct op de foto zou zetten, maar nu ben je aan het rijden en zul je het moeten doen met wat je ogen vastleggen. Dus sla je alles extra goed op om voor altijd te kunnen onthouden.

Inspiration For Landscape photography Picture Description Walk this road to the greatness beyond (El Chalten, Patagonia, Argentina)

the good life

Nothing but a relaxing time sitting next to a fire with a cold beer by the lake! Love the outdoors!


Camping by the waterfall, Oneonta Falls, Oregon, USA ( my focal is the Red tent, or appears now to be a Glowing Ruby.

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❦ “Into the Wild” is the real story of Christopher McCandless, a young American who decided to roam the wilderness of the United States.

http://www.modelhomekitchens.com/category/Can-Opener/ The outdoors.   www.emmerandco.com   #nature

I grew up on roads like this and feeling the freedom of the wind blowing through your hair with no car in sight and surrounded by singing and laughter and my family. What I would give to be back on these roads again. There is no feeling like it man.


It's time to kick back! What a great view in North Cascades National Park, Washington State.

peace - that's what it's all about....

Alone Together, A Book Review

Camping in the trees. Story telling, watching stars, listen to the trees and wild animals, breathing in cool air, sleeping in lush forest.

this isn't happiness™ (Between the lines, Yoshinori Mizutani), Peteski

Black & white stripe, cross walk, this isn't happiness™ (Between the lines, Yoshinori Mizutani), Peteski