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Want bigger, bolder bottom lashes? Use this makeup technique! --Using lip brush to apply mascara to lashes to thicken vs lengthen

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40+ Awesome Makeup Hacks Every Girl Should Know

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The thing I get asked most about- great tutorial- this is a great pattern for many eye shapes! Black Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial for Asian eyes.

10 Makeup Mistakes That Add 10 Years  Good to know! I've definately been making some of these mistakes...oops!

10 Makeup Mistakes That Add 10 Years

10 Makeup Mistakes That Add 10 Years- I do almost all of these! 10 Makeup Mistakes That Add 10 Years- I do almost all of these!

Best Beauty Hacks - Rescue a Dried Out Mascara - Easy Makeup Tutorials and Makeup Ideas for Teens, Beginners, Women, Teenagers - Cool Tips and Tricks for Mascara, Lipstick, Foundation, Hair, Blush, Eyeshadow, Eyebrows and Eyes - Step by Step Tutorials and How To http://diyprojectsforteens.com/best-beauty-hacks

21 Best Beauty Hacks Ever

Save mascara that's drying @ end by soaking tube in a cup of hot water, loosens up. Plus other tips- 14 Easy Ways To Recycle, Repurpose, And Revive Your Old Makeup

Introduction to Microblading Practice Kit

Introduction to Microblading Practice Kit

Permanent Eyeliner

Do you have allergies or have frequent eye infections? If so, permanent eyeliner could be the answer to achieving the look you desire without the use of conventional make-up.


I keep emphasizing "gradient lips" as a key to K-beauty, but never mentioned how it's done. Well, here it is! Gradient Lip Tutorial from RinnieRiot


How To Make The Eyes Pop. One of the oldest makeup artist tricks is to brighten up the inner corners of the eye with a shimmery white (or soft pastel) eyeshadow. I have heard it called the angel effect or even baby eyes.

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Don't apply black liner all around your eye and in your waterline. This will make your eyes appear much smaller than they are. Instead, line the top with black liner, the bottom with brown liner, and the waterline with nude liner to really open your eyes.