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Pearl PRE stallion

SOL PM II - Bay double Pearl PRE stallion from the Paco Marti stud in Spain. looks almost spray painted

akhal teke

The Akhal-Teke is also known as the "gift from the desert" and it was bred for its stamina and speed. It was used by Turkmen nomads. The Akhal-Teke can withstand conditions and certain situations such as going long periods of time without food and water u

Akhal Teke, Oraz-Polot - Farm stud DACOR

Akhal Teke (You're still sure Thoroughbreds took after arabs in exterior?

Асыл - Конный завод Dacor                                                                                                                                                      More

Asyl Akhal-Teke Stud Farm - adress: Kazakhstan, Almatyphones: — Nartai Borambaevich — Akmaral Nartaevna e-mail:

you better strut!

you better strut!

Baitas - Farm stud DACOR

Baitas - Farm stud DACOR