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when hip hop and needle arts collide

"Bless this Hizzy Fo Shizzle" Rapper-Ready Embroidery - The Etsy 'Steotch' Retailer Creates Pop Culture Crochets (GALLERY)

modern cross stitch

DIY // Cross-stitching Never Looked So Cool

Bed Headboard Cross Stitch Embroidery via Etsy.

Bed Headboard Cross Stitch Embroidery MADE TO ORDER by stedi. (Solid pine bed with Clear Varnish Coating.

Home: Eleven Washi Tape Interiors Ideas  (via Becoming Gezellig: Cross-Stitch with Washi Tape)

Washi Tape Cross-Stitch Wall Art (DIY) A clever wall art idea as it doesn't harm the wall, is temporary (so you can change whenever the next whim comes alson), and it's a fun rainy day project! Visit Becoming Gezellig for more info.

capesandcrafts cross stitch needlepoint. Two of my favorite things combined.

25 Scandalous Needlepoints Your Grandma Would Hate