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Viking funeral prayer; sounds very similar to the beginning of Kodlak Whitemane's journal. Proof that Nords are Vikings and awesome!

Viking funeral prayer - (actually this is really a quote from the movie 'The Thirteen Warrior', a good movie, and a good quote, but not a Viking prayer.

☆ Harald Fairhair :¦: Norse leader who united Norway becoming the first King. He conquered many petty Kingdoms of Southern Norway, making up of most of modern day Norway. Those he had subjugated, who then fled to Scotland, were hunted down by Harald.

Fun fact for the day. I didn't know this. how about you?

Why is Bluetooth called BluetoothThis is king harald bluetooth gormsson of denmark and norway. His nickname allegedly comes from the extreme amount of blueberries he ate.

Odin& Raven necklace Ancient Odin& Raven Viking Pendant Necklace in Solid Bronze 124

Viking longboat ships were used to travel from one raid to another. The act of pillaging and conquering other lands has often left a negative stigma on the Vikings, but amongst the Gods of Norse Mythology;

Unearthed Viking boat in Oslo, Norway. Breathtaking when you walk into the Viking Ship Museum and face it.

Replica of Vendel Culture Valsgarde 6 helmet -Jorvik Viking Festival