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This applies to many things in my life, but currently is most applicable to TFIOS. I'm not sure how I feel about Shailene Woodley being Hazel, but John Green has faith in her, and I have faith in him, so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping they choose my ideal Augustus.

Fangirl contract how perfect is this contract? I happily honor it and am proud to say I have "made friends with other fangirls.Finally, I promise to love my fellow fangirls, because they are the only ones who understand me." love you D.

That would b 10x as worse for me...Haru..Gajeel..Gray...all the dudes in Free...Natsu...this can go on forever..

I would die if Percy Jackson came in and did that>>> I'd die if Jace Herondale did that.>>> I'd die if Will Herondale did that.

Seriously. 5SOS is pop-punk/pop-rock, like Blink 182 and All Time Low, not bubblegum pop like One Direction. They need to become famous in their music scene, not the mainstream one 1D is bringing them into. They're opening for the WWA tour when they should be opening for A Love Like Tour.

El on

This is what I want for I feel like they are becoming controlled by management and security. They all hate it as well ( via the book ). It's making me sad. And all the freaking drama I hate it! It's so stupid.

BTS really

seriously though imagine how awesome it would be to be best friends with band members

For real

But seriously. I would have to throw my phone my computer my school note books and binders and more away lol<<<< omg same. My phone is basically a tracking device

If you are in ANY fandom repub this GIF

LOL. Look at this

Doctor Who,Sherlock,Five Nights at Freddy's,My little Pony<<<<<<<The Hunger Games<<<<<<Marvel>>>>>>>>>Fall Out Boy<<<<<<<<<<EXO>>>>Percy Jackson!<<<< Sherlock -----The Maze Runner

everyone knows the 90s didn't end until like 2010 I was born in 2001 and remember all of those things haha <<so true

everyone knows the didn't end until like 2010 I was born in 2001 and remember all of those things haha <<so true<<< same except I was born in 2003