Digital Illustrations by Tomoyuki Yamasaki

Shinobu oshino bakemonogatari - High quality htc one wallpapers and abstract backgrounds designed by the best and creative artists in the world.

Newtypeのsupercell対談記事に掲載されたカットインイラストです。 クリックで原寸。

August Newtype Magazine Supercell Interview Cut-in illustration Flower Secret

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Monogatari Series: Second


Finally found me as an anime character ! (Hair) just needs to be slightly chubbier and darker blue eyes. Finally found me as an anime character ! (Hair) just needs…

伊藤計劃の小説映画化「虐殺器官」「ハーモニー」 主人公の描き下ろし新ビジュアル公開 : 映画ニュース

New ‘Genocidal Organ’ and ‘Harmony’ Key Visuals Drawn Specially by Redjuice Revealed

School uniform

A me piacciono le anime scolastiche

The magic of Studio Trigger’s You Yoshinari’s... LESEAN THOMAS²

The magic of Studio Trigger’s You Yoshinari’s work.

A very cute sketch I found of a young girl dressed in adorable clothing with well balanced colors , and the jacket really stands out with its soft and bright baby blue.

Anime girl I love that school uniform




I love how the only color is yellow and greenish.

The mixture of green and pink, coupled with the dramatic A-line shape, very nice!

Crunchyroll - VIDEO: First "Kizumonogatari" Anime Movie Scheduled for January

Getting ready. I'm about to be late and I wasn't able to eat. I quickly tied my hair up in a messy ponytail, got my toast and headed out to school.

Her name is Marigold Hana, she'll be her the Mosaic Princess of Zerrix's apprentice I agreed she's not too sexy, boo.


maya non fighter mode hair color

Anime girl!!:

Black and white female anime/manga character, wearing a black dress school uniform.

Manga fille - cheveux blancs - gothique - chapeau neko

Aria is one of the protagonists of Omega Quintet and is also a Verse Maiden. A Verse Maiden who.