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Trust that a Taurus notice and appreciate everything you do. This is one sign that will always do exactly what they say// unless you are an arrogant little shit then ill fight you, and do it when you arnt looking


A Taurus best job quality: able to work long and hard hours with a go getter mentality

You do not change your mind quickly and see no reason to do so when you know the other person is full of shit. Taurus | Taurus Quotes | Taurus Zodiac Signs

Arguing with a Taurus is pointless because you could be talking but all they hear is bIgh,blah, and blah coming from you.

Taurus are freaks in bed. Taurus | Taurus Quotes | Taurus Zodiac Signs

What Type of Zodiac Sign Should You Date? Here’s who you should be dating based on your specific zodiac placement.

Taurus get irritated when they are stuck in a place or point in life they don't want to be in.

FAQ: What are the specific birthstones for Taurus? – Taurus Birthstone are pink quartz and green aventurine What is Taurus Birth flower name? Taurus Birth flower Lily Of The Valley Taurus Sign Date…

I think I found that somebody buy in pushing him away

Taureans are typically the ones who will say it like it is. They prefer to not…

Taurus are not afraid to say the most cruel truth when you need to hear it.

Taurus are not afraid to say the most cruel truth when you need to hear it, most people are just too big of an entitled pussy to handle it.

Tauro.. interesting !

I don't necessarily believe in all that astrology stuff but.this is pretty true!

Great at distancing

Taurus are great at distancing themselves from people. So be careful how you treat them - fitting for my life at this time!