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all-caps-lyrics: “ Undo // The 1975 ”


i wanna see you but you're not mine

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Life Quotes & Inspiration : 20 Amazing Women Quotes That Express Their Feelings Wonderfully

You're so conceited, I said 'I love you.' What does it matter if I lie to you? | "The Sound" by The 1975

the 1975 - The Sound. Always lifts my spirits.

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Memes De Twenty One Pilots


teen idle // marina and the diamonds ((crybabyamelie))

i miss u by gnash | gnash  | Free Listening on SoundCloud

performed & produced by gnash cover

intermittents:  (18+)

ayocay: vikhau: Monet // i want to feel nothing Amen I

"And that's exactly why I won't do it. I won't let you die trying to save me from a mess I created."   Ava and Elijah

If you send for me.

Lana Del Rey~Old Money lyrics~ Ultraviolence

House of Memories // Panic! At The Disco ⚛ @natofwonderland ⚛

House of Memories // Panic! At The Disco

Ed sheeran

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Dream, gasoline, and halsey image "You are part of the machine, you are not a human being"

i was born in the forest in wild world of magic. i was born in the place where the love is gone.

is there somewhere - halsey

tkm ≫ is there somewhere // halsey

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the raven king // favorite quotes “He was not a wizard, a human who could be in trees. “Tell me,” Artemus whispered, “when you dream, do you dream of the stars?

TROYE SIVAN for him.                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Troye Sivan - for him.

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Something Just Like This // The Chainsmokers feat.

when you said you were so happy you could die

Troye Sivan: Cool This page has turned into a music frenzy