My first car! Love every little thing about this pic. Polka dots, stripes, road map, and most of all the orang 2002 with blue and gold Cali plate!

I always drive. My husband drives about one time out of 200. We both prefer it that way.

One day I just want to hop in the car and drive. Just drive. This car! Top down, music blaring!


Cheddar Gorge, Somerset, England - what an awesome road trip photo (and that van!

How to Actually Drive Across the USA Hitting All the Major Landmarks (with the notable exception of Austin)

ALMOST OUR EXACT ROADTRIP! How to Drive across the USA hitting all the major landmarks. This would be a fun summer-long road trip. Talk about the ultimate road trip!

A great infographic on the history of the road trip + how to prepare for one. #travel #roadtrip

On my bucket list! Roadtrip across America: 11 essential road trip routes + tips & facts

The excitement of a road trip can sometimes be slightly dimmed by the difficulty over what to pack. While on one hand you may be willing to travel light, on the other, you don’t want to be relentlessly berating yourself for the items you left behind. So whether you are planning to drive across a state [...]

The Road Trip Packing List: 50 Essentials

The Road Trip Packing List: 50 Essentials - Hot Beauty Health-Whether you are planning to drive across a state or across a continent, here is a road trip packing list of 50 on-the-go essential items!

Play: In the future one thing I would like to do is go on a road trip with my friends with really no destination to go on adventures