And the stars blinked as they watched her carefully jealous of the way she shone

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3 documentaries u need to see: Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives, and Earthlings. On youtube and Netflix!!

She was herself and the world loved her for it, falling for her truth just like…

true love exists in moments stumbled upon by accident in hospitals, in airports, and underneath the stars gone before you realize it was there missed before you knew you had it

I literally just cried reading this, my true love and I met in the hospital. I know that we were meant to meet and be together, I miss you so much Sergeant. Gone but never ever forgotten.

Be better.

It seems like a moral dilemma but it really isn't. When a person chooses to ignore the most basic of bible principles, it's a moral breach.

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I think I have resolved just to never get attached to anyone. I always seem to find a way to ruin it or mess it up or go too far. Well I'm done screwing things up with the people I care most about. Done letting the people I thought loved me leave me.

Don't give up now!!

Nik Tebbe is a writer, grief support specialist, and spiritual mentor in Red Wing, MN.

I always loved that.

Have You ever smelled a smell and it instantly brings You back to a happy moment from the childhood? I always loved that, I hope that’s what death is, . just sitting on a cloud smelling old smells.