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crestfallenblossom: Here’s another Cinder fanart! I found it when I looked through my old sketchbook for two months ago and I thought I wanted to share it. I still can’t wait for Winter aaa

TLC SW2 - Stories by Sorcaron.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Love how on Cress the shoe is too big oms << oh stars Dr Erland as the fairy god mother<<Are we not going to talk about Iko.

Lunar chronicles. Such a good series. Not a huge fan of this art but always a huge fangirl of Prince Kai

I hope that this makes you smile because I felt like smiling the entire time I was drawing it. (Cinder is a blacksmith (apprentice? Kai is the prince of the Eastern Empire.

Yes! Exactly, he'd be like, "Oh trust me, I have no reason for wanting to shoot you in the first place. Because it's not like I've been your servant for the last 2 years and if I wasn't the one shooting, you'd be using me to take the bullets. That's totally not at all something you'd do and I'm so so so so sorry about shooting you. Please forgive me ;)"

The Lunar Chronicles: Cress (Marissa Meyer)

The Lunar Chronicles crew as memes #tlc

The Lunar Chronicles crew as memes I love that Kinney is apart of this! Him + Iko are my otp


AWWW I just love scarlet and wolf so much! I haven't read Winter yet and I…

The Lunar Chronicles - character sheets by MrsKanda on DeviantArt

The Lunar Chronicles - character sheets by MrsKanda on DeviantArt---- I love this so much! Scarlet, Cinder, and Thorne even have "Missing Finger Club" membership cards!

Only lunar chronicles fans understand

Cress: *is smug* Thorne: *worships Cress* Iko: *rethinks life choices* Scarlet: daaaaaang Kai: wait, whats GOING ON? Cinder: *prays for sanity* 😂

Yes. Scarwolf: OHMYGOSH IMGONNADIE THATSSOSWEET CRESSWELL: d'awe but is it real?? kaider: heck yes finally Wincin: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

When Cinder and Kai kissed, I just had to put the book down for a second and be like: YASSSSSSSSSSSS (I waited three damn books for that)