Maira Kalman for The New Yorker

Sketchbook Maira Kalman

SKETCHBOOK about the Frieze Art Fair, showing a woman looking at an art installation. “At an art fair you can’t go wrong with a tall, skinny red ladder…

Text/Image: Seeing beauty in the mundane: Maira Kalman

The Inauguration. At Last.

The Pursuit of Happiness.again, maira kalman illustrates.and some interesting info.

Patterson Maker

SKETCHBOOK about the optimism of breakfast. “In the optimism of the morning, it is wise to get going, to be confident, expansive, exuberant.

“How are we so optimistic, so careful not to trip and yet do trip, and then get up and say OK?”

Maira Kalman on Identity, Happiness, and Existence

author/illustrator maira kalman on identity, happiness, and existence. via brain pickings.