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ermahgersh Ferjer Werter!

Niall and harry are adorable

This is true, but I'm not a hater on Taylor, just cause harry and her were together, this is stupid, and the one is a stickin old picture

This before and after photo is pretty solid proof that Taylor Swift got breast implants. We can see her in bikini with a small A cup (right) and in an outfit with a full B cup (left).

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have the NIALL version too so go check my board one direction to see it


when everyone said that harry styles only like older girls it was really just a coverup because he knew he was destined to be with me so he dated something he didnt want

Harry...because of this my mum is now probably scared of you!

because of this my mum is now probably scared of you!

Im excited for the inevitable break up song! I love I knew you were trouble, so obviously harry inspires great songs from her!

*fake British accent* He calls me up and is like 'I still hate you' and I'm like 'I'm still obsessed with you'.

For everyone who said they wanted an imagine, my app doesn't work anymore, only for outfits. Sorry for the difficulties but if you want an outfit I can do those. Just send me color, place and boy and I will get right on that!

As mean as it sounds it kinda true but I love all their girlfriends!