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Harry Potter Head Canons

100 Things You Didn't Know About Harry Potter Personally, I knew all but 29 of these. Awwww Ron and Hermione. (But I love Draco+Hermione too.

Romione Facts - harry-potter Fan Art ^ I could imagine Harry being able to help him too.you can't go through all of this shit together, eithout having such a special bond

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Harry Potter Facts When Fred and George Weasley bewitched snowballs to bounce off the back of Professor Quirrell's turban in Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone, they were unknowingly hitting Voldemort in the face. YES! GO FRED AND GEORGE!

HEADCANNON not accepted I think it'd be like Molly's if this were true, and go from Hermione to Harry

This is the cutest thing ever, especially if you consider how incredibly afraid he was of spiders. When I read the book I imagined it and it was like WOW already but then I watched the movie.