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:fans face with wings: is it just me or did it just get hot in here?

Rhys by PhantomRin - art & illustration; Poor Rhys having a nightmare.

Mmm... Rhysand. Those knee tattoos. #ACOMAF #ACOTAR #Rhys

But the tattoos stopped at the base of his neck.

"dance, feyre, dance"

Feyre [PhantomRin - art & illustration] A Court of Thorns and Roses

I would have been like "Bow down, I'm Queen" ;)

Ahh loooove this scene where Rhysand is kneeling before Feyre without her realizing it

Feyre Cursebreaker, the Defender of the Rainbow (not drawn by me)

Feyre Cursebreaker, Defender of the Rainbow and High Lady of the Night Court

First scene in ACOWAR, amazing!

sncinder: “ Feyre the Fox at The Spring Court ACOWAR i could have added way more detail to this but i started getting tired of it so posting how it is (also i know her tattoo is glamoured here i just thought it looked cool like, maybe it flashed on.