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Clip on can drainer // simple yet brilliant kitchen utensil #product_design #industrial_design

We usually use bulky colander to drain our canned food such as tuna, beans, meat, or other vegetables. Jim Costello has designed and prototyped a new kitchen utensil which is a modern and simple tool called the GoCan Drainer.

Brilliant Ice Cream Scoop. Um, awesome.

Okay, wanted and actual pic of Thrifty's Ice Cream, but this is brilliant! Not sure how it works, but who cares! btw who remembers Thrifty's Ice Cream [Not Rite-Aid]?

15 objetos geniais que você vai querer ter na sua cozinha

15 objetos geniais que você vai querer ter na sua cozinha

The adjustable measuring cup is a clever little baking tool to save time and space, allowing you to throw out the endless assortment of various measuring cups and use just one adjustable measuring cup for all your cooking needs.

KitchenArt Adjustable Measuring Cup

Adjustable measuring cup // simply slide to portion out dry, chopped ingredients or liquids - brilliant!

30 embalagens geniais que você vai querer usar | Pavablog

30 embalagens geniais que você vai querer usar

This needs to happen! Using recycled material! Compartmentalized fast food packaging that would decrease waste and make eating on the go much easier.

Clip-On Spout - attaches to mixing, serving bowls, pots, pans, skillets for mess-free pouring and straining.

Silpoura- Clip-on Pour Spout

Silpoura Clip On Pouring Spout. Silpoura Clip On Single Red Silicone Pouring Spout. Clip-On Spout. Made of High Temperature Food Grade Silicone.


Mapa permite raspar os lugares que você já foi

Scratch-Off Maps Let You Display Every Place You’ve Been! Keep track of your Trebeca travels with this fun bucket list map!

Dip Clip: 4 pack // clever idea, each can have his or her own sauce or dip on the side! #product_design

Take a look at this Dip Clip - Set of Four by Progressive The perfect addition to any appetizer plate, this set clips on dishes, creating the ideal place for dips and sauces in a snap.

A seguir, produtos simples, mas geniais que facilitariam bastante a sua vida.

38 Produtos que você compraria agora mesmo!

French Fry holder that fits in car's cup holder, with sauce.for those french fry eaters out there hahaha. I'm sure the french fries will still end up under the seat with the kids!