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link to pattern for fun knitted ankle bells for children. I really need to learn how to knit!

knitted ankle bells - Children often revel in apparel that looks cute but doubles as some other trinket. With this in mind, Mini-Eco has created adorable knitted ankle b.

Music and Movement- Use shower curtain rings! To make them really beautiful on the stage, make sure your use ribbon lengths at least 2 ft long and add something sparkly that will catch the light. Why would you ever buy something like this?! So easy and inexpensive to make and the kids can help!)

shower curtain rings + ribbon = dancing fairy rings (great for music & movement)! YIPPEEE, I have the exact same kind of curtain rings. making this at work tomorrow!

These free printable roads are sure to provide hours of fun. First setting up the configuration, and then playing on it!

printable road panels to glue onto a large piece of cardboard for hours of play; site also has printable railroad tracks

Another pinner said: things my grandma never taught me: the proper way to weave in ends

The Proper Way To Weave In Yarn Tails. Knitting - Use a duplicate stitch on the wrong side to weave in yarn ends. The yarn end is nearly invisible on the right side of the work.

Invisible join - I knew there had to be an easier way!. by ritari

TURBO Your PC site Join Yarn Invisibly - Picture Tutorial. Would have been SO handy to know 4 projects ago.

This Viking Hat Pattern is PERFECT! Add yarn braids for your li'l viking princess <3

You will get 1 Beanie and 1 Self adhesive magnetic patch. New Baby Boys Girls Crochet Animal Beanie Costume Hat With Free Gift. These New Cute Baby Boy Girls Crochet Animal Beanie Is Knitted by Love For Kids.

Sheeps - Toys Plush - Amigurumi [Free Crochet Pattern] Softie

Sheeps - Toys Plush - Amigurumi [Free Crochet Pattern] Softie

Easy To Make Discovery Bottles ... we love love love discovery bottles!!

Easy To Make Discovery Bottles. Children use their fine motor skills to make the bottle. The bottle will also serve as a distraction activity during various medical procedures. You can play I-Spy with the items in the bottle.

Knit: Bitty Baby Booties

Bitty baby booties -- free pattern (see notes about how she knit them backwards and sewed them inside out, which hid the seams and made the shape more rounded than original).

Oma House Slippers by Tara Murray

Love this pattern, comfy slippers you can stuff in your purse when heading out to see family and/or friends. Keep extra on hand for those who come to visit. Cool idea for chilly Howick nights. Pull on over socks!

Oglum emir için♡

Baby shoes That does it: my baby girl will have one gray knitted outfit. She will need a break from all the lace and frills of all her other knitted outfits!