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like a Scorpio, we Libras can see through your bullshit!

We might not always call you on it, we might let you believe you got one past us, but we truly do know! - Takes time to learn the tell from someone, but once learnt never forgotten

Ohmagawd, YES!! It was never deserved, but I gave it. I learned from that though ;)

Ohmagawd, YES ! t'was never deserved, but I gave it. I learned from that tho 😏

Specially humor (:

SO TRUE ---Original pinner: yep. if you don't have any brains I'll be bored very quickly and my mind will wander elsewhere

#Libra :)

And Libra will forever doubt everything you say from that point, there is no gaining back Libra trust. You may as well try gaining the trust you once had with a wall.

Zodiac Libra Facts — Libra gets confused by things when they allow their minds to get the best of them. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

What Libra Hates. Especially the chaos and confusion. I bring enough chaos and confusion to my own life. I can't really manage another chaotic being. Mary said "can we hate a little?