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This Little Piggie! That little Piggie is the most adorable baby pig I have everseen & I love baby pigs!

Mountain Vagabond

Tamworth Pigs - I love pigs. They are such smart animals that are treated so horribly by the food industry with cages, crates, beatings. Think about that the next time you eat bacon and ham. So happy to be vegan!


I want two pigs so they can be soical while I'm away! I want a Goy & Girl!

A miniature painted Julianna pig named Starbuck. Can't handle the cuteness.

I want a pet pig so bad! Well or should I say a pet baby pig. Once they get old they're not so cute

If this pig can work out, so can you!

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'Pigs in a blanket' takes on a whole new meaning of cuteness.

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Joyful Living with a Mini Pig- 20 ways to find "Joy" with your mini pig. I so want a mini pig